Breaking the Rules 1: Rules With More Than One Conclusion

Breaking the Rules 1: Rules With More Than One Conclusion

This is the first of an occasional series, “Breaking the Rules”, in which we look at the sacred rules governing business rule design and examine some exceptional circumstances under which they can, and should, be broken. In this article we investigate the prohibition of multiple actions (or, more correctly, conclusions) in definitional rules. Should your rules only have one action as some authorities suggest? Or are there occasions when more than one action is allowed?


The True ROI of Business Rules

Why do business sponsors within an organisation adopt BRMS? What motivates them and what return do they expect on their investment? What drives IT teams to suggest BRMS to their businesses? What ROI do they expect and how does this differ from the business. What adoption pitfalls does this lead to? In this article we look back at our 12 years experience of applying BRMS in the finance industry to see what lessons we can learn from Business versus IT expectations about BRMS and how they differ. (more…)

When To Choose Open Source BRMS

The cost effectiveness of open source business rule management systems (BRMS) are surely self evident – they are free aren’t they? Isn’t that always better than paying a traditional vendor through the nose? Isn’t this decision one of technology’s no brainers? Well no, I don’t think it is… (more…)

BRMS: The Most Effective Way to Implement an Accounting System

When it comes to implementing an accounting system, an organisation has three basic choices: buy an ‘off the shelf’ system, build one themselves ‘from scratch’ or compromise and build one themselves using proven infrastructure from an established vendor. Here we argue, from experience, that the latter approach gives an unbeatable combination of flexibility, cost and low development risk. Furthermore a business rule management system (BRMS) is a very potent implementation vehicle for an accounting system. (more…)

Perils of Implementing Business Rules in CEP

Recently I encountered two potential clients, in the midst of selecting business rules support software for high volume transaction processing, who were actively considering a continuous event processing (CEP) platform as an alternative to a BRMS. Given that business stewardship of their business rules (as opposed to rules managed exclusively by their IT department) was a goal of both projects – were they right to consider CEP? I do not think so.

Occasionally the event processing requirements will mandate the sophistication of a CEP, but frequently they do not. In the latter cases a BRMS is a better solution. Find our what happened to the project who chose the CEP platform. (more…)

Why Business Rules Should NOT be Maintained by IT

There are a number of clients (particularly investment banks) that are using business rule management systems BRMS tools to maintain business rules. They all firmly believe that this is a best practice that will bring a great benefit. But IT practitioners are still the stewards and custodians of these rules – so have these august organisations missed the whole point of business rules? (more…)